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Programs Jammed with Fun and Learning for Preschoolers and School-Agers

Festival of Forks / Munch Mania
Food is the focus as kids learn about simple food preparation and whip up their own tasty treats -- from frosty, nutritious fruit shakes to old-time family barbecue favorites and even some new taste experiences!

Swoosh, Swing and Slide / Fantastic Feats
Children explore the great outdoors while enjoying the kinds of traditional summer activities no kid can resist. Things like splashing in a cool pool, playing sports, skipping rope or simply searching for shapes in the clouds.

Rockin' Rhythms / Amp Camp
The beat goes on as kids enjoy music and movement, laughter and singing -- all while learning about various styles of music from around the world and how other cultures celebrate.

Backyard Bugs and Other Stuff / Naturific
From bugs and butterflies to flowers and trees to ants and animals, what would summer be like without Mother Nature's gifts? Here kids explore nature while learning how to protect our environment.

Zippity-Do-Days / Festi-bration
Every day will be a festival of fun, and some days will be extra special. Children can turn everyday occurrences into special events, whether it's losing a tooth, making a new friend or celebrating a family tradition.

Crafty Critters / Gobs of Globs, Glitter and Glue
Festivals often highlight creative works of art and crafts handed down from generation to generation. Here, kids are encouraged to celebrate their creative talents working in numerous art media.