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Year-Round Fun Starts at Children's World

Children's World offers fun, unique education programs designed around your child's development level and interests. Our programs are available full-time and part-time, as well as before and after school during the school year.

Early Impressions®
Infants (select centers), Toddlers and 2-Year-Olds        
  • Fosters self-help and language development
  • Provides safe, appropriate equipment
  • Encourages exploration

  • Pathways®
    Three- and Young 4-Year-Olds        
  • Encourages thinking and problem-solving
  • Fosters physical and emotional development
  • Provides an environment to develop an appreciation of books and reading

  • Pathways Preschool Plus®
    Four- and 5-Year-Olds        
  • Encourages pre-reading, pre-math, pre-science and pre-writing skills and concepts
  • Inspires creativity and self-expression through art and dramatic play

  • Quest 4 Fun®
    School-Agers, Kindergarten to 12 Years Old        
  • Encourages choices from many fun, age-appropriate activities
  • Promotes sports and physical activities
  • Provides van transportation to and from school during the school year

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